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Neuro-Cells® in patient


Geleen, The Netherlands – 19th November 2020. Neuroplast BV announced the first patient with chronic spinal cord injury was treated with Neuro-Cells® with the help of a multidisciplinary team led by dr. Antonio Oliviero and Prof. Jörg Mey, the Principle investigators of the Phase I clinical trial at the Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos in Toledo, Spain.

Johannes de Munter, CEO said: “This is a key milestone for Neuroplast. The Phase I study shall demonstrate the safety of the freshly produced cell preparation Neuro-Cells® and its intrathecal application, and will enable the continuation of our efforts to demonstrate its effectiveness in neurodegenerative indications.”

Neuro-Cells® is an autologous cell preparation that aims to decrease inflammation and reduce cell death. Neuro- Cells® is produced in a certified and patented closed system manufacturing process from bone marrow and is a re- gistered Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMP). Neuroplast received orphan drug status for Spinal Cord Injury for Neuro-Cells® in 2019.


Neuroplast is a clinical stage biomedical company developing autologous stem cell treatments for inflammation driven diseases that currently do not have effective treatments available. These debilitating and often degenerative diseases leave patients with very limited outlook as their situation worsens over time. Neuroplast aims to provide a better quality of life and prolonged longevity in better health. Using its EU GMP certified and patented technology and production process, Neuroplast can produce a treatment from the patients’ own cells within 6-8 hours which doesn’t include any cell modifications, is inherently safe, and can be used in acute settings.

Neuroplast holds an EU Orphan Designation for Neuro-Cells® for the indication of Spinal Cord Injury and has obtain- ed regulatory approval for a combined Phase II/III study with (sub)acute spinal cord injured patients in Copenhagen, Denmark.


The Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos de Toledo (HNP), owned by the Government of Castilla-La Mancha and the re- gional health service (SESCAM), has the fundamental mission to timely and effectively provide comprehensive health and rehabilitation services to patients with spinal cord injury, respecting professional and human quality to generate social profitability. The center provides leading scientific and technical research in the field of neurosciences focussing on the problems that affect patients to make real translational research available. The centre further encourages the training of highly qualified personnel in the field and claims a “Center of Excellence” status with national and inter- national leadership position with regards to care, research and continuing education.


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