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LipoCoat, a biotech spin-off from the prestigious nanotechnology lab MESA+ of the University of Twente, the Netherlands, has been named the Best Medical Device Coatings Company of 2020 in the Global Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020.

Bio-inspired and non-toxic coating technology
LipoCoat, a Dutch biotech company, is specialized in developing infection control solutions for the healthcare industry, with a focus on medical devices. The company is active in development programs with medtech multinationals that want to increase the safety of their medical devices. LipoCoat’s unique bio-inspired and non-toxic coatings prevent adhesion of microbes, thus reducing infection risks. Just five nanometers thick, the revolutionary LipoCoat coating technology is designed to make any biomaterial surface non-thrombogenic, non-fouling and resistant to the surface-pollution of micro-organisms and proteins.

Improving the quality and safety of medical devices
Contaminated medical devices are one of the leading causes of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs), which affects millions of patients and costs tens of billions in healthcare expenditure. Despite advancements in prevention guidelines, these evidence-based strategies still do not offer a full and sustainable working solution.

The current Covid-19 pandemic shows the importance of scientific progression in regard to infection control. LipoCoat has seen a very promising reduction in bacterial adhesion on contact lenses and catheters. LipoCoat is aiming to launch LipoCoat-enabled contact lenses in 2021 and in few years’ time, LipoCoat expects its first coated catheters to enter the market. In addition, other use cases are actively explored in LipoCoat’s discovery programs which include R&D tools, cell culture systems, cosmetic and therapeutic applications.

Global Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020
Back in 2019, LipoCoat won the award for European Biotech Startup of the Year. “Afterwards, we worked tirelessly to meet the high expectations,’’ said Jasper van Weerd PhD, Founder and CEO of LipoCoat. “Receiving the Global Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Award for Best Medical Device Coatings Company of 2020 is an honor that we are proud of. It is a recognition of the world-class quality that our coating technology delivers. We met the expectations.’’

LipoCoat’s growth
In 2020 LipoCoat grew to 17 employees, commissioned its new headquarters and ISO-13485 certified lab facility. The new facilities are located in Enschede, the Netherlands, at Kennispark Twente (the innovation campus of the University of Twente, the Netherlands). Furthermore, the company became resident at the Johnson & Johnson JLabs facilities in Beerse (BE). Moreover, LipoCoat secured a € 1.5 million Series A investment round in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. To make the leap to further growth, a Series B funding round of € 5 million is planned for Q2 2021. With this investment round, the company wants to build its revenue streams, increase its development and production capacity, and expand its international footprint by gaining access to USA and Asian markets.